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Kazuki is a collection of 3333 Kazuki's anime wandering around Solana, bringing community and culture together...

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Getting Started

Exclusive Alpha Call for holders.
We understand the NFT space moves quickly, so we have plans to provide holders with immediate benefits post-mint while we work towards developing more long-term benefits.
While we work on our long-term plans like launching our own Launchpad we will focus on providing the best alpha to our holders.
Kazuki alpha team will be providing information such as daily mints, secondary market calls, and NFT investing tips to all holders.


Tokenomics and Staking

$KAZU launch
$KAZU will be the primary token used in the Kazuki ecosystem.

Staking will be released 1 week after our initial launch. While being staked your Kazuki will be passively generating $KAZU.


$KAZU Utility

We understand that the NFT space is diluted with projects with their own respective tokens.
We aim to put a heavy focus on providing utility to our $KAZU token and to provide holders with multiple options to spend their $KAZU on, such as raffles for WL and NFTS.


Launchpad Creation

Multi-chain services covering SOL blockchain, fees to just 7% + 5% royalties, free doxxing service KYC, free Staking services, and marketing consultation.



Exclusive merch for holders, in collaboration with our partner @ALPHADOG, an Italian designer.
Kazuki is an art and community-based project.
Our vision is to build long-term value for our holders, creating an online identity that can represent them.


Dox Icon

Dox Services

?? SOL

  • Requierments:
  • A picture of your identification card
  • A picture of you holding the ID card
  • A picture of you next to your computer with your discord open
  • A picture of your house Gas or Electric Bill or any document that has your name and address in it
  • A picture holding that bill
  • A picture of you in front of your house that is linked to the bill you have shown


7% Initial Mint
+ 5% Royalties

  • Custom Smart Contract
  • Image Generation
  • Marketplace Intros
  • Technical Support
  • Whitelist (Custom SPL Tokens)
  • Airdrops
  • Staking & Raffles
  • Artwork

Marketing Services


  • 1h Consultation
  • Marketing Campaign Ideas with executable steps
  • Roadmap ideas and potential implementation strategiest
  • Action itemps to improve artwork and creative content
  • List of steps to improve discord community and engagement


July 8th

3333 Kazuki’s.

1.5 ◎ SOL (For Whitelisted Mint) | 2 ◎ SOL (For Public Mint)

About 5000 Whitelist Spots will be available.

We are currently giving whitelist spots to holders of some big projects we are collaborating with.
Also you can reach level 15 and 15 invites to get whitelist role in our Discord.

Limited to 3 NFTs per wallet.

Exact mint link will be posted on our Discord and on our Twitter account.
We will use FELLOWSHIP Launchpad.
DO NOT enter any link you see anywhere else, it’s a scam..

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